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                About Us

                Zhoushan Bloom Master Brake Disc Manufacturing Ltd. is specialized in development, casting, production and sale of automobile brake discs and drums.

                It locates in Zhejiang Zhoushan which is near Shanghai and Ningbo Port, with convenient transportion. It covers a land of 10,000㎡ and owns a team of 60 professional engineering technicians,with several automatic production lines. And we can produce more 3000 items.

                With the advanced production equipment, strict testing, sincere & high-efficient working attitude, our products win high evaluation and admiration of numerous users, approved by ISO/TS16949:2009, etc. We have our own brand—RENKEN & MARKTEN and accept OEM & ODM, exported to Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and even all over the world.

                We Bloom Master people persist the principle of?“Technology for development, quality for survival”. Sincerely welcome all customers to visit and negotiate businesses with us. Let’s develop and create brilliance together in the near future.

                Brands we support


                Business philosophy:

                High-quality as Core,High-Efficient Service for customers.

                To make customers more Professional is our Motivation.

                Sincere Cooperation,Mutual Benefit.

                Contact Us

                Factory Add: NO.10 Dongxie Road, Daidong Town, Daishan, Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China

                Tel: 0086-580-7680008/7361999

                Fax: 0086-580-7361998

                Mob: 0086-13705801595


                Guangzhou Branch Add: A202, Building B, Yuehai Business Center No.909, Sanyuanli Avenue, Baiyun Area, Guangzhou, China

                Tel: 0086-20-86342730

                Fax: 0086-20-86342036

                Email: renten9@paersuo.com

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